Hearth Washougal

1700 Main St., # 110, Washougal, WA.



HEARTH is designed to provide an enjoyable experience—a place to eat and drink with family and friends that is notable for the quality of its food and service, as well as the beautiful dining environment.

HEARTH is founded on the belief that the wood-fired oven creates flavors that conventional cooking methods cannot, while simultaneously providing the ideal backdrop for a dining experience that awakens one’s sense of fire, heat, and cooking.

It plays to our desire to have some things done the way they were generations ago. It grounds us as we appreciate the extra effort it takes to gather the wood and cook in an environment where constant vigilance is required to generate and maintain heat.

Our goals are:

To provide a dining experience that is inviting, warm, and friendly—where the community can gather for a birthday dinner or enjoy a draft beer while taking in the scenery

To provide service that is efficient and knowledgeable, as well as courteous and helpful

To provide food of exceptional quality that is unpretentious and reasonably priced.

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