Organic 2 Go

215 Court Street, The Dalles, OR.


Organic 2 Go is a family owned and operated business. The idea of the company was inspired by the life experience of raising a child with severe allergies to pesticides and chemicals. These items are commonly found in everyday foods and in our environment. These allergies caused major health issues, including asthma. The idea was further propelled by the care of our elderly father who was diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. These health problems were extremely aggravated by his unhealthy diet. We wanted better health for everyone in our family. We found that organic food was the answer.

We put our child on an all organic diet. The incredible effects on his body were amazing. His health started to change immediately for the better. We then placed our father on the organic diet. His diet included organic, low sugar, vegan foods. The results for him included becoming insulin-free and a life with less suffering from his dreadful diseases!

We have discovered that organic food has better flavor. We enjoy better health, more energy and have lost weight. With the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, organically grown food is packed with vitamins and minerals resulting in food that tastes great and is more filling. Our Company is dedicated to providing healthy organic food to our customers at a reasonable price with convenient home delivery. 

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