Shelterwood Publishing

460 Brentwood Drive, The Dalles, OR.


Sustainable in the USA!

Those of us who grew up under high evergreen canopies of the Pacific Northwest understand the forestry term, “Shelterwood”. It typically refers to the highest interconnecting branches of Douglas fir trees, Spruce, or Redwoods. Their branches can span millions of square miles. They are also home to hundreds of creatures; great horned owls, silver grays, flying squirels, marbled murrelet, osprey and eagles. Their pinecones drop seeds hundreds of feet below to sprout up in search of sunlight, while sending roots deep into the forest floor. The US Forest Service calls that high forest realm the “overstory”. And, it protects the smaller seedlings until they grow strong enough to replace the giants when they fall.

In a real sense, Shelterwood Publishing is like the “overstory”. If you are an artist, author, or publisher interested in new ways of sustaining your enterprise we would enjoy hearing from you.

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